Our Shared Ride System

Service from the Airport

  • Book online or over the phone in advance or at the airport* when your plane lands.
  • Gather your luggage and follow instructions to wait for your assigned vehicle.
  • Join the ride with, or pick up other passengers, going your way.

* While reservations are not required from most of our airports, not all airports allow bookings upon arrival.

Find Us at the Airport
The best way to find us at the airport is to use our mobile self check-in feature. When you make a prepaid reservation, opt in to receive text messages. When you arrive at your destination airport, a text message invites you to start the self check-in process. 

If you don’t use our self check-in feature, in most cities you’ll find a SuperShuttle ticket counter or computerized kiosk inside the airport; in others, a member of our staff will be standing curbside to assist you. Check out our locations or your email confirmation for specifics on where to find us when you land.

Wait for Your Vehicle
Please be prepared to wait a few minutes after checking in with our counter staff, curbside representative, kiosk, or your phone . Due to security considerations, most airports do not allow us to line up vans at the curb. However, vans wait close by in a holding lot near the airport. The wait time between check-in and boarding varies depending on the volume of passengers, the number of terminal stops, airport traffic, and weather conditions.

Service from Your Home, Office, or Hotel

  • We recommend booking your ride at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Be ready to go at the beginning of your pre-arranged pickup window.
  • Join the ride with other passengers going to the airport. When you arrive, our driver will drop you off right outside your airline terminal.
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